Who we are the perfect choice for

Take good care of your employees and they will take good care of you. There is a reason that all the FTSE 100 companies provide lunch for their staff and that's because it pays back in increased productivity and staff retention.

We are right for you if:

  • You know that the basis of good company is well treated staff.
  • You want to retain staff and be known as a forward thinking organisation
  • You have a minimum of 10 employees who you think would respond positively to this scheme
  • You are based within 10 miles of Camberley town centre

How we help

Attract and keep a top team – by offering an attractive benefit like Sarnie Time, you make it clear to prospective employees that you value and invest in your staff. This will have a positive benefit on staff retention.

Take away the hassle of lunch logistics – thinking about what to eat, travelling and queuing are such a waste of time. We give your team their lunch hour back so positively effecting productivity.

Improved health and energy - forward planning lunch takes away the temptation to make unhealthy choices. You know that your freshly made and nutritious lunch will be delivered every day. No hitting the wall at 3.30pm from eating junk food as our lunches are calorie counted!

Collaboration – it's easier for people to interact and get to know each other over lunch when it's delivered.

Tax Efficient - buying lunch isn't a benefit in kind and attracts no tax or NI for employer or employee<

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