Amazing deli lunches delivered to the very best employers

Sarnie Time is an innovative
workplace lunch service

We partner with innovative, forward thinking companies that know how to energise and reward their staff to create a more productive environment. There is a reason why top companies organise lunch for their employees (all the FTSE 100 for a start!) and that is because it is a smart move. Watch our explainer video to see how it works, and why you need to consider it.

How we help

We are the answer to one of the big headaches for an employer

Attract and keep a top team

by offering an attractive benefit like Sarnie Time, you make it clear to prospective employees that you value and invest in your staff. This will have a positive benefit on staff retention.

Take away the hassle of lunch logistics

thinking about what to eat, travelling and queuing are such a waste of time. We give your team their lunch hour back so positively effecting productivity.

Improved health and energy

forward planning lunch takes away the temptation to make unhealthy choices. You know that your freshly made and nutritious lunch will be delivered every day. No hitting the wall at 3.30pm from eating junk food as our lunches are calorie counted!


it's easier for people to interact and get to know each other over lunch when it's delivered.

Tax Efficient

buying lunch isn't a benefit in kind and attracts no tax or NI for employer or employee

Here's how it works:

Sarnie Time is easy for companies to administer and staff to use. We do all the admin

Ordering lunch couldn't be easier.

Our easy-to-use website enables staff to order their lunches a week in advance from their desks without having to leave the office. Our clever system allows them to select exactly what they want, right down to the type of bread, portion size and the quantities

Our healthy lunch menu will make your whole team smile

Artisan bread, baked on the morning that we deliver to you and fresh salads all made shortly before delivery ensures you have high end deli quality. Vegetarian, gluten free and calorie counted portions ensure you get exactly what you want accompanied by a selection of healthy soups, snacks, fruit and drinks

And the best bit – the cost!

This is a totally bespoke and flexible service, tailored to suit your individual business requirements. You decide the amount you want to contribute towards your staff's lunch, from as little as £0-£5 per person per day. They then top it up using our easy and secure online credit card payment system. For instance, you may want to contribute say £10 per employee per week. With an average sandwich/baguette/salad box costing £3 this is perceived by the employee as a major benefit.

We are multi platform

Because our service is password based, your employees can order from their desktop pc, mobile or tablet, from anywhere. We can even set times when sandwich ordering and scheduling are permitted during the day.

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